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Front Line Genomics is a media organisation dedicated to increasing the adoption of genomic technology. We are on a mission to make genomics part of mainstream healthcare, and deliver its benefits to patients faster. We do this by telling engaging and inspirational stories, providing educational materials, and bringing people together through our website, reports, webinars and events. If you share our mission, we want to hear from you and work out how we can help you make your solutions and services an integral part of the genomic revolution. 

To view our media kit, please contact Beth Lumb,

What We Do 

Front Line Genomics Magazine

We publish investigative pieces around major areas of focus such as data analysis, cancer bioinformatics, and gene editing technologies. We spotlight important initiatives such as San Diego’s drive to become the genomics capital of the world, or Cincinnati Children’s grass root approach to integrating genomics into healthcare. And we interview people driving the field forward, such as J. Craig Venter, Jay Flatley, Eric Topol, and Eric Green. 

Our Media Kit provides you with a full editorial calendar and advertising opportunities for your business to get in front of the right audience.

Our website offers engaging content, hosting its own series of interviews, news stories, opinion pieces, and blog posts. It is supported by a weekly newsletter, our Daily Bundle, social media, and excellent SEO. This helps us rank very high on Google searches (we even manage to outrank GenomeWeb and Oxford Nanopore if you run a search for SmidgION).


We run a series of live streams throughout the year, presenting case studies and expert-led discussion panels. All of our webinars benefit from a dedicated launch email, are featured in our weekly newsletter, and are promoted across our social media channels. We deliver a minimum of 200 registrations per webinar. 

E-Books and Reports

Making sure people have easy, and free access to the information they need to adopt and integrate genomic technologies. 

Genomics 101 
Our series of educational e-books have been exceptionally successful, delivering an average of 2,000 downloads each. These books are guides to major technologies, applications, or topics crucial to modern genomics.

Annual Survey
At the end of the year, we survey our readers to understand their main drivers, challenges, and inhibitors. The aim of this is to provide a view of the progress made across the field of genomics during the preceding year, and look ahead to where the field is moving for the following year. 

Intelligence Reports
Throughout the year, we will be publishing focused reports looking at specific topic areas. These will be reports based on discussions conducted at roundtables and special interest groups. 

Each product is open for bespoke opportunities. For more information please contact Beth Lumb, 


Our weekly newsletter provides a quick and easy way to reach an audience passionate about new technology and services that could help them overcome challenges they are facing in their work. Our newsletters also cover any sponsored content on the website, webinars and magazines. Our newsletters are sent to a readership of over 38,000 people each week.

Festival of Genomics

Our events bring together academia, healthcare, drug development, and biotech to progress the field as a whole. 

Events represent the most powerful interaction you can have with our audience. You will meet prospects face to face, to understand their needs, and explain how your solutions can help them achieve more. 

In addition to specific event opportunities, several of our print and digital products tie in directly with our events to help deliver you carefully nurtured leads.

Our Audience 

Our audience is anyone generating, using or sharing genomic information, and those who are interested in learning more about genomics.

The benefits of genomics will only be felt if we have the right technologies making an impact in the right places. That means us helping solution providers connect with the people they could be helping the most.