Weekend Reads

22 June 2018

This week: Consider how your DNA could make you less secure, learn about how a controversial doctor from Massachusetts General Hospital is helping to improve diabetes treatment, and get all the details of the next big Hacakthon in San Francisco!

15 June 2018

Weekend Reads

This week: Learn about the insides of a chemist quest to cure genetic disease, wrap your head around the debate on whether to use genetically modified mosquitos to fight malaria, and learn more about designer babies – should scientists make ‘better’ babies just because they can? 

8 June 2018

Weekend Reads

What should doctors do when patients are pushing hard to get treatment they’ve seen in a TV ad or read about online? Why are diverse labs winning at science, and what went down at this year’s CRISPRcon?  

1 June 2018

Weekend Reads

British science after Brexit — can they have their cake and eat it, too? And genetic counsellors, are they actually struggling to keep up with genetic testing?

30 May 2018

5 Big Questions About the Science of Star Wars

Researchers from Georgia Tech have taken a closer look at the science of the Star Wars films, answering five big questions about the worlds depicted in the movies and what’s possible in reality.

25 May 2018

Weekend Reads

This week’s talking points were how we’re all mosaics, the ‘Jolie Effect’ on breast cancer and that China is taking the lead in genetic testing. 

18 May 2018

Weekend Reads, Week 18

Enjoy the weekend with insightful reads on AI and how our brains map spaces, and marvel at the reaction and legacy of James Watson’s 90’th birthday. And Enjoy some cheese!

27 April 2018

Weekend Reads, week 17

This week in weekend reads: Pig brains being kept alive outside bodies, the ethics of experimenting with human brain tissue, and how writing about the link between genes and educational attainment can be dangerous…

20 April 2018

Weekend Reads, week 16

Worth reading this week: human cloning, ninja polymers fighting off superbugs, and genetics research failing most of the world’s population.

13 April 2018

Weekend Reads, week 15

Some are exciting (Bill Gates on gene editing and George Church on how to live forever), some are informative (lab mice might be too clean, questioning drug pricing and freeing health data). You can read one, or you can read all five. That’s up to you! 

23 March 2018

Weekend Reads, week 12

Stuff to read this week gives you everything from how genetics is changing our understanding of ‘race’, to beer being brewed with CRISPR technology. 

9 March 2018

Stuff to Read, Week 10

The promise of precision medicine is replacing the one-size-fits-all medicine of the past. Doctors hope this will make everyone healthier. But a new report says certain groups in the US are in jeopardy of being worse off when medicine is tailor-made. Who stands to lose?

2 March 2018

Stuff to Read, Week 9

This is 2018 guys; people are injecting stem cells into their penises hoping to make them bigger, and having their cheeks swabbed hoping to find the one.​​​​​​​ What’s going on? ​​​​

1 March 2018

$5 Million Tech Prize Seeks Answer to Origin of Life

A USD $5 million technology prize aims to crack the origin of the genetic code. The Evolution 2.0 Prize was announced at Arizona State University in August 2017. The largest “origin of life” prize to date, it seeks to bridge the gap between chemistry, genomics and modern computing.