5 things to read … choking on that grilled chicken! It’s the end of the week, so make sure you head into your weekend BBQ’s with all the conversation starters you need to survive out there in the real world. We’ve picked our top (or should we say weird?) stories from around the web that made us go “hmmmm, quite interesting!” this week.

Trump Presidency Is So Traumatic It Will Change Human Genome Forever

Yes, you read that right… A biology professor claims that the mass trauma of Donald Trump’s presidency will create such trauma to the American people that it will bring about permanent changes to the human genome

He compares it to people who goes through combat, or women who’ve been abused. 

“These are actual genetic shifts that are taking place within people. It’s called epigenetics, and that too can cause huge evolutionary change,” he writes. 

Are you feeling stressed out? Why not calm down with a glass of prosecco?

Does Prosecco Have Health Benefits? 

This is an oldie, but a goodie. The BBC reported back in 2016 about quite a few studies that had looked at the potential health benefits of a moderate amount of prosecco

The studies suggest that these drinks can help your heart circulation by improving the way blood vessels work. Are these claims overhyped? There’s only one way to find out… But remember to share! 

Sense of Fair Play

The sense of fair play is an important human trait, but now new research suggests that it’s a key behaviour for dogs and wolves too

In the study, they displayed a strong sense of inequity when their partners got better treats, and the one’s with higher social status took umbrage faster when sensing unfairness. 

Speaking of higher social status… 

Addiction May Hit Wealthy Students Hardest 

A study suggests that teens who attend high-achieving schools in ‘upper-class’ communities may be more vulnerable to drug and alcohol problems that their less-well-off co-students. 

In the end, we’re all human. More like… 

Children of the Sun

Astronomers have namely found traces of chemicals that make up the basic ingredients needed for life in early Sun-like stars, suggesting that life on earth came via our own star – the Sun