5 Things to ReadIt’s back. Weird, cool or maybe even crazy? You’ll find this week’s top five here.

Forever Young

The average human life span has continued to increase, will we ever reach a limit to how long we can live? There may be no limit at all or at least no limit that anyone has found yet, five new studies suggest. 

Living on the Edge 

Living forever or not, if you’re a commuter you know the hassle. Why not live your life a little bit more on the edge like the Australian biohacker who implanted his travel card in his hand? You wouldn’t even have to worry if someone stole your wallet, all you need is your hand, and you’ll be on your way in no time.

What Happens When Music Enters the Brain

You probably do it every day: pop in your earbuds during your commute or flip on tunes in the car. But what is actually happening in your head? STAT has a pretty cool video that shows how sound gets in our heads and brains

What Does Your Gut Tell You? 

You should listen to it because according to a new study by UCLA, gut feelings are real. There may actually be a connection between the compositions of the gut and the brain, which means that stomach bacteria can make you more anxious and stressed. 

The Theory of Evolution 

A London artist illustrates how humans evolved using facepaint and predict how technology may change us in the future.