Maybe you are one of the lucky ones sitting on Murray (queue crying face here) Mount indulging in some strawberries and cream, or you are one of the unlucky ones stuck in the office on a Friday afternoon, fed up of hearing everyone keep banging on about the tennis. Do not fear: those of you who have attempted to try out some tennis lingo the past week, when really you have no clue what ‘deuce’ means, the tournament is over on Sunday. Phew! Here are 5 stories to read instead.

Ammonium is a Turn-On for Diatoms

Single-cell algae known as diatoms have been thought to reproduce asexually, but now they’ve been found to be friskier than expected. Researchers have discovered that diatoms do have sex, and are especially likely to do it when in the presence of the compound ammonium, a waste product generated by most animals. What a fetish!

G(enomics)-Unit! The Ultimate Genomics Rap

To Outlive Humanity, and Maybe Even The Sun

The eight-legged micro-animal called a tardigrade could survive nearly all the way until the death of the sun, long after humans are history, a new study suggests.

Raven Superpower? The Birds May Have a Birdlike Version of the Power to Plan Ahead, as Apes Do. 

Ravens have passed what may be their toughest tests yet of powers that, at least on a good day, let people and other apes plan ahead. 

How Bearded Dragons Switch Their Sex 

Australian bearded dragons have two chromosomes that determine their sex. But high incubation temperatures during development can override that information, turning genetically male dragons into functional females.