It’s that time of year when people head out of the office to enjoy sun, sea and cocktails! But, it’s not exactly a very fun time for those left in the office. Aside from having to scroll through social media and be faced with relentless holiday snaps, you are the one that they have dumped their whole workload on. So, if you are one of those people setting their out of office before you jet off tomorrow, please read these 5 stories before you give your workload to your poor colleague sitting across the desk. 

What Comes After a Ph.D? Check Out the Data

Ph.D students are well aware the time that they will have to dedicate to their studies, but a recent study for the first time has tracked doctoral degree completion time. The National Science Foundation’s Survey of Earned Doctorates, which included those who received their degrees in science and engineering on average spent 5.2 to 6 years in their doctoral programs. 

So…Do I Have Prediabetes?

1 in 3 American adults has prediabetes, but it’s nothing a bit of exercise can’t reverse. A new Diabetes Prevention Program encourages you to play with puppies for a minute to have your test. Where do I sign up? 

Simulating the Search for Life on Mars Using Real-Time DNA Sequencing

A crowdfunding campaign called MarSeq, compiling of four students from across the globe want to search for signatures of life in a Mars.How are they going to do it you may ask? By using real-time DNA sequencing and analysis of course. 

DNA of Long-Dead Cows Read From Pages of Medieval Books 

Dead sheep and cows skin with words written on has been declared religious…or maybe not. Either way they’ve genetically tested the rubbings from when they kept them clean and discovered lots of cool stuff. 

Tiny Robots Swim the Front Crawl Through Your Veins 

Tiny robots deliver medicine straight to the targeted area. Are we staring the future straight in the eyes with this one?