August is sadly drawing to a close which means so is the summer. I would hope most of you have divulged in a well deserved break, and had one or two weeks away from your desks. If this is the case, here are 5 stories to read instead of being tempted to pick off your golden, flaking tan… 


Delving into Single Cell Sequencing 

What is single cell sequencing? As the name suggests, it’s sequencing at the single cell level. If that’s the limit of your knowledge, then we have you covered. To understand where the field is today and where it’s heading, we gathered together an expert panel to discuss all this and more. 


A Cancer “Atlas” to Predict How Patients Will Fare  

Swedish researchers have used a big data approach to find links between different genes and patient survival. To do so, they have launched a new open-access catalog that maps the genetic changes in tumours.

Antisocial Bees Share Genetic Profile with People with Autism  

A new study reveals that antisocial bees in fact, share a genetic profile with people who have autism spectrum disorders, which can affect how well they respond to social situations.

Geneticists Trace Humble Apple’s Exotic Lineage All the Way to the Silk Road 

Scientists studying the genetics of the humble apple have unpicked how the cultivated species emerged as traders travelled back and forth along the Silk Road, ancient routes running from the far east to the Mediterranean Sea. 

Humans to Undergo Treatments to be ‘Elite Super Workers’ and Beat Robots to Jobs 

It is thought that artificial intelligence (AI) will sweep into the workplace enabling humans to become medically-enhanced super workers by 2030. They will attempt to compete with robots for the best jobs, suggests a report that predicts the future of employees.