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Genetic Struggles Within Cells May Create New Species

Emerging evidence shows that “mitonuclear conflict” can drive a wedge between organisms, possibly turning one species into two. It’s too soon to say how frequently mitonuclear conflict acts as a force in speciation, but researchers agree that better understanding of that tension may help to solve mysteries about what barricade separates some apparently similar populations into distinct species.

AS Consumer DNA Testing Grows, Two States in the US Resists 

Maryland and New York still restrict who can order genetic tests and how companies can market them. 

Creating a Community DIYbio Laboratory

If you haven’t already heard of BosLab, then where have you been! The community DIYbio lab based in Boston, USA focuses on molecular and synthetic biology, and offers a space to support individual biohacking projects.  

Festival Goers: A Survival Guide for Festival of Genomics Boston

Heading to the Festival of Genomics in Boston next week? Be sure to get the best out of your experience with our handy Festival survival guide, and top tips to get the most out of the event.

CRISPR Provides Window into Axolotl Limb Replacement

Axolotls (Ambystoma mexicanum) have a rare ability to replace lost limbs. By tracing the descendants of individual cells, researchers have found that regenerated limbs match their predecessors with remarkable fidelity.