A lot of you have spent the last couple of days in Orlando, enjoying exciting product announcements, meeting old and new clients and networking with peers at ASHG. In the mix, there’s probably been a beer, or a glass of wine (or five!). Read these five stories from around the web instead of worrying about the (coming) hangover. 

The Rise and Fall and Rise Again of 23andMe

There’s a placard in Anne Wojcicki’s office enshrining the attitude that nearly ran her company, 23andMe, aground. Tucked behind a toy unicorn, the small, wood-veneered nameplate reads:”I’m CEO, bitch.” How did Anne Wojcicki lead her company from the brink of failure to scientific preeminence?

How Close Are We to a Lifelong Cure for Cancer? 

Carl June, a pioneer in the field of immunotherapy, explains the state of the art in cancer treatment and what’s coming next. 

Blind Cave Fish Lost Eyes by Unexpected Evolutionary Process

We’ve found out why a Mexican cavefish has no eyes – and the surprising answer is likely to be seized upon by those who think the standard view of evolution needs revising. 

Will Genetics Ever be Able to Predict the Next Mass Murderer? 

Investigating a mass murder initially looks for obvious triggers in a criminal’s life, then more subtle signs, then psychiatric explanations or a brain tumour. But can errant genes help push someone to bomb marathon runners, gun down elementary school children, set a nightclub afire or rain bullets down on concert-goers? 

Researchers have hunted crime genes for half a century. Yet even the most recent published study – in last week’s JAMA Psychiatry – suggests that so many genes contribute to the anti-social behaviour behind criminality that using such information may never be practical, and might even do more harm than good.

Stress May Harm Gut Health as Much as Junk Food 

Be it financial worries, work pressures, or relationship problems, we all get stressed from time to time. To what extent does stress harm us, though? According to a new study, stress may have the same effect on gut microbiota as a high-fat diet – for women, at least.