Halloween is right around the corner – if you’re one of those who just show up in something last minute, fine. If you, however, are one of those that like to plan ahead, and right now you’re thinking of not going to an event because you don’t have a costume, don’t worry! You can always get dressed up as a ‘mad scientist’. That’s what you are anyway, isn’t it? Here are five things to read instead of worrying about a Halloween costume: 

When Baby Genes Are for Sale, the Rich Will Pay

Gene editing could have far-reaching consequences: If designer babies are coming in 20 to 30 years – your children will be able to select, to some degree, their own children’s hair colour, eye colour, and, possibly their intelligence. How can we make sure that everyone benefits from these capabilities, rather than reserving them for those with more cash? 

Scientists Turned the Skin of Mice Green

British scientists are testing cutting-edge gene editing techniques in mice by inserting a jellyfish gene that makes their skin green. Here’s why. 

Researchers Find Evidence of DNA Damage in Vets with Gulf War Illness

Researchers say they have found the “first biological evidence” of damage in Veterans with Gulf War illness to DNA within cellular structures that produce energy in the body. 

Who Owns Your Genes? 

Have you taken a DNA test? You pay about a hundred bucks to spit into a tube, ship your saliva to a lab, and find out where your ancestors hailed from or identify health risks. There’s a lot to potentially gain – or lose. 

Superbug ‘Sleuthing’ Finds Secret Outbreaks

A feat of “genomic sleuthing” has uncovered 173 secret outbreaks of the superbug MRSA, study shows…