Happy Thanksgiving

There’s nothing like grandma’s stuffing, and we’re all probably likely to over-eat this year as well. Here are five things to read instead. Keywords: Artifical embryos, databases offering clues on who likes beer, self-destruct switches in mosquitos and infectious disease…

Artificial Human Embryos Are Coming, and No One Knows How to Handle Them

Stem cells can be coaxed to self-assemble into structures resembling human embryos. 

CRISPR Has a Terrible Name 

Why does a revolutionary gene-editing technology sound like a candy bar? Perhaps the name for a gene editor should telegraph more gravitas than a trip to the vending machine. 

UK Biobank Supercharges Medicine with Gene Data on 500,000 Brits

A database of DNA and health measurements is offering new clues into everything from who gets diabetes to who likes a pint of beer.

This Gene Editing Tech Might Be Too Dangerous to Unleash

Omar Akbari studies the world’s deadliest creature: the Aedes aegypti mosquito, whose bite transmits diseases that kill millions each year. But he isn’t only studying mosquitoes – he’s re-engineering them with self-destruct switches. And that’s not something you want accidentally escaping into the world. 

Saving Lives in Real Time 

Does genomics have the power to revolutionise infectious disease control? We have brought together a panel of experts to answer just that!