5 Things to Read Instead Of.For many bargain-hunting souls out there, the day after Thanksgiving might be one of the most important holidays of the year, even though Black Friday isn’t officially recognised on any calendar. The opportunity to get Christmas shopping done at a discount is just too much temptation for many of us. Here are five things to read instead of going wild spending online, or at the mall, while overcoming the pumpkin-pie hangover. 


The Most Popular Genes in the Human Genome

Nature provides with a compiled list of the most studied genes of all time – a sort of ‘top hits’ of the human genome, and several other genomes besides. A tour through the most studied genes in biology reveals some surprises. 


Still No Science Advisor at the White House 

Ten months into his presidency, President Donald Trump has yet no name a science advisor. It’s the longest amount of time a modern president has taken to nominate someone to the position since at least 1976, when Congress established the White House’s Office of Science Technology Policy. And science issues are starting to stock up…   


Tiny DNA Nets to Catch Bacteria

When a certain kind of immune cells, known as neutrophils, are faced with threatening pathogen they cannot overcome by their usual tactic of engulfment, they hurl out their own DNA as a molecular net in a last-ditch attempt to trap the invader. 


AI + Smartphone = Ultrasound

A startup has developed a low-cost portable ultrasound device, that coupled with a smartphone, could facilitate medical imaging. The technology has garnered FDA clearance for 13 healthcare applications. Have we come to an era where we can diagnose ourselves with an iPhone? 


5 Reasons Why Top Scientists Dump Kendall Square for Silicon Valley

According to some sources, there’s a migration of top life science talent from the East Coast to the West Coast, specifically from Boston and its Kendall Square biotech hub to the San Fransisco Bay Area. 

Recently, STAT invites six leaders from California healthcare startups who used to work on the East Coast to discuss the shift, the differences – and if there really is a shift.