As Front Line Genomics’ newest recruit, I would like to introduce myself as Fran, and your new webinar host! After gathering some feedback from you people listening at home, I have decided to put together a new, more exciting webinar series than your usual “death by PowerPoint”.

This series will follow a more discussion-based format, bringing together the experts in the field to deliver a dialogue that’s unique, honest and most definitely worth a listen. Each month I will be picking the brains of some of the leading researchers, to uncover some of the key movements, challenges and solutions in fields such as Single Cell Genomics, Synthetic Biology, Metabolomics and many more.

I’d love to hear your opinions so if you have any ideas of potential topics, people you’d really like to hear, or just a general comment, send me an email at

If you want to listen in and be part of the discussion, details of the upcoming Genome Spot will be posted on the website shortly so keep your eyes peeled!

PS. Save the date… 10th of April, 2018.