How ‘ninja polymers’ are fighting killer superbugs

With advances in stem cell research and nanotechnology helping us fight illnesses from heart disease to superbugs, is the fusion of biology and technology speeding us towards a sci-fi future – part human, part synthetic?


Genetics Research is Failing Most of The World’s Population

The promise of personalised medicine is to exploit the variations in our genome, tailoring treatments and assessing risk of disease based on specific genes. But modern science has so far mostly ignored that those variations sometimes fall along ancestral lines.

Topol put it bluntly: “Your chances of there being existing genetic research relevant to you and your health are better if you are of European ancestry.”


Pet cloning is bringing human cloning a little bit closer

People are copying pets to preserve a physical, and spiritual, connection to dead children.


Genetic testing boom continues as UK start-up DNAFit sold for $10m