Those of you who’ve been keeping a careful watch on the website this week, will notice I’ve written most of the stories we’ve posted up since Wednesday. What happened to Megan and Frida, you ask? They’re on a well-deserved holiday! I’ve been left with strict instructions to give you all some stuff to read over the weekend. So if you’re not wrapped up in Royal Wedding fever, or not getting ready to witness the underwhelming might of Manchester United face the lethargic apathy of Chelsea in the FA Cup Final, you could do worse than checking out these choice cuts:

  1. AI – it’s a topic you all seem to love. I find it fascinating, and it always seems to rank pretty highly on the page views on here. So I’m sure you’ll enjoy this piece in WIRED on the work DeepMind have been doing. It’s a great reminder of the incomprehensible amount of work our brains do on ‘autopilot’ throughout the day!
  2. James Watson – the man turned 90 and Eric Lander made a toast; then Twitter got mad. Rather than me trying to explain it all for you, the good people at STAT news have done a great job in pulling it all together.
  3. Who here likes cheese? I know I sure do! I reckon there’s a high chance you’ll eat cheese this weekend, or see someone eat cheese – so why not astonish them with your amazing knowledge of how milk turns into cheese and why microbes make it so delicious? The American Chemical Society is the hero you deserve.

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