This week: Consider how your DNA could make you less secure, learn about how a controversial doctor from Massachusetts General Hospital is helping to improve diabetes treatment, and get all the details of the next big Hacakthon in San Francisco!

Is Our DNA Making Our Privacy Less Secure?

Everywhere we go we leave behind bits of DNA.

We can already use this DNA to predict some traits, such as eye, skin, and hair colour. Soon it may be possible to accurately reconstruct your whole face from these traces.

DNA Facial Prediction Could Make Protecting Your Privacy More Difficult

The science of DNA facial reconstruction is advancing rapidly. (Composite from Parabon and PNAS)

People have been worried about their genomic data being traced back to them even after it has been deidentified for years. Caitlin Curtis and James Hereward took a look at how realistic this is with current technology and where we might end up in the next few decades. Read the full story →


A Diabetes Vaccine Is Making Waves – But Is It For The Right Reasons?

Dr Denise Faustman. Source: Jonathan Wiggs/Boston Globe

Dr Denise Faustman from Massachusetts General Hospital has recently published a study that indicates an old TB vaccine could help patients with type 1 diabetes. In the past, this treatment has been widely criticised within the diabetes research community and Dr Faustman in particular has been the target of much derision.

This study could help her to prove her detractors wrong. Read the full story →


Get Your Laptops Ready – The Silverberry Datathon is Gearing Up to Go

Next month is going to see Silverberry Genomix gathering data scientists, developers, designers, and fitness enthusiasts together in San Francisco for a 24 hour hackathon! The event is intended to help create and pitch novel solutions that leverage the Silverberry platform to build innovative genetic consumer apps – Let us know if you’re planning on going! Read more →

Source: Christine Daniloff/ MIT

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