Weekend Reads

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This week: Are we really running out of data storage? And can a deadly infection be genetic? You’ll also get a list of must-reads this summer… 


What You Should Read This Summer

Summer is officially here, and so is STAT’s annual book list, chock full of great health, medicine, and science reads to dive into on vacation or during a relaxing time at home.

From the downfall of a buzzy biotech startup to the quest to revive the extinct woolly mammoth to explorations of the historic 1918 flu pandemic, there’s sure to be a page-turner below to capture your attention. See the List →


We’re Running Out of Data Storage

Chances are that this isn’t something you’ve had to worry about too much in recent years. There was a time, not all that long ago, when your computer’s finite hard drive was all the storage you had available. Hit that limit (which, in the case of my own first computer, was less than 100MB) and you resorted to floppy disks and other local external storage. When you ran out of that, too, you got deleting.

Weekend Reads

We propel our files off to the cloud. But where is that data really stored? (Credit: Pixabay)

We don’t delete any more. Nor do companies, especially those valued based on the data they own. Instead, we simply propel our files off to the cloud, whose very name is ephemeral and ethereal; lacking in any real physicality. Where is the data stored? It doesn’t matter so long as we can get it back. What are the perils of running out of cloud storage? Seemingly very little, besides having to up your monthly subscription payments to unlock more glorious free space.

As a result, the idea that we might one day run out of data storage is as hard to wrap your head around as the suggestion that we could run out water: that glorious free resource which falls from the sky. But 2018 is the year in which Cape Town, South Africa, came precipitously close to running out of water. And we could run out of data storage, too. Is DNA the answer? Digital Trends will tell you. Read →


Extreme Flu? Weird Encephalitis? It May Be Your Genes 

Bad luck. Terrible misfortune. That’s what we think when we hear about a perfectly healthy child who suddenly dies of influenza, a virus most of us can shake off. But what if it isn’t luck? What if this kind of deadly infection turns out to be, well, genetic?

Weekend Reads

Can a deadly infection be genetic? (Credit: Pixabay)

Crazy as that sounds, there is a growing body of research that supports the idea. Claudia Walls, writing for Scientific American explores… Read →