In honour of #DNADay16 we have put together a series of articles from our magazines. These ‘Firestarters’ showcase up-and-coming projects or ideas which are having a tangible impact on the lives of people with genetics diseases. We hope they kindle some ideas and interest of your own.

Issue One

Richard Lumb, Founder & CEO, Front Line Genomics

Is the delivery of genomic medicine about to be overtaken by patient demand?


Issue Two


The Genetic Portrait Project: How do you think genetic research will affect the future?


Issue Three

Race the Helix

Race the Helix: Saving lives with compassionate care and contemporary technology


Issue Four


Adding a dash of genomics to your morning coffee


Issue Five

Andrea Downing speaks at Festival of Genomics California

Being the heroes in our own stories: Andrea Downing


Issue Six

Alan Beggs

Finding CLARITY for families


ACMG Issue

Life Undiagnosed: Katia Moritz

Life Undiagnosed