Nature: The struggle with image glut

Data storage dramas are a big part of life as a genomic researcher. Genomes produce such astronomical quantities of data, and there are so many companies out there dedicated to solving these difficulties, that it’s easy to forget that other sectors have their own issues with expanding data footprints. This week, Nature explored the ups and downs of image data, and how researchers who generate millions of images during their studies are handling their own storage and sharing woes. 

WIRED: Everything You Need to Know About the Theranos Saga So Far

You couldn’t really make up the story of the consumer health company Theranos. Throw in billion dollar investments, damning press investigations and a high-profile CEO personality, and you have all the raw materials for a Hollywood business drama. WIRED explore the ups and downs of the company history up until this point, and consider what the future holds for Theranos.

Economist: Encore une fois. The genomic era arrives. And this time it’s probably real

The Economist welcomes with cautious optimism the rise of genomics in medicine, from drug development to cancer treatment, after the ‘false start’ of the early 2000s following the first sequence of the Human Genome. 

TED: Scientists are trying to use CRISPR to fix everything. What’s wrong with that?

Festival of Genomics speaker Carl Zimmer and science historian Daniel Kevles explore the big issues around CRISPR. How will it affect humanity? What are we going to use it to change? How will we make laws and pacts about it? Will it give rise to a new eugenics movement of cosmetically spruced-up genes and CRISPR’d test-tube babies?

And one of ours… Will CRISPR mushroom change the GM debate?

As the USDA clears a CRISPR mushroom for sale, FLG Content Manager Liz Harley asks if gene-editing will clear the air around GMOs.


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