Expedition 48 Launch

Photo Credit: (NASA/Bill Ingalls)

Apparently it’s a two day flight to the International Space Station. So we figured it’s only fair to provide some reading material to pass the time.

Sequencers are go! Kate Rubins is on her way to the ISS

On July 7 three new crew members for the ISS accelerated away from planet Earth on a two-day flight to dock with the station. On board, US astronaut Kate Rubins is gearing up to make genomics history by attempting to conduct the first DNA sequencing experiments in orbit

Is Adam Feuerstein the most feared man in biotech?

A quick wit and “an itchy trigger finger on hypocrisy” have made TheStreet columnist a belligerent force to be reckoned with in biotech reporting. His stories can end careers and crash stock, but both investors and the world of biotech pay attention to his articles, and his twitter activity, where CEOs and financial analysts alike can be cut down to size at the flick of a well-chosen meme. 

Barack Obama: Medicine’s next step

Writing for the Boston Globe, US President Barack Obama takes a look at the next projects in the pipeline for the precision medicine initiative. He writes: “We wouldn’t buy a pair of glasses that doesn’t match our eyesight, and though plenty of people break their arms, everyone gets fitted for their own cast. Our health care should be customized for us. The powerful and exciting field of precision medicine goes a step further and asks: What if we could just as easily match a cancer cure to a patient’s unique genetic code?”

Researchers reeling as UK votes to leave EU

From research to higher education, the impacts of Brexit upon UK science are expected to be significant. So it’s unsurprising that a vote to leave was what most scientists didn’t want, according to a poll conducted by Nature. Daniel Cressey and Alison Abbott write “immediate concerns for researchers revolve around funding: UK universities currently get around 16% of their research funding, and 15% of their staff, from the EU.”

And one from us…

Top tips for the new CEO of Illumina

How to make friends and make an impression, we have some top tips for Francis deSouza as he takes the reigns from Jay Flatley in the top job at Illumina this week. What advice would you give to the new President and CEO of Illumina? Send your suggestions to contact@frontlinegenomics.com.