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Pokemon mania may have swept the FLG office this week, but we still found time to rummage down the back of the internet sofa and find enough pound coins for a trip to the pub. And some things to read…

Science Has a Huge Diversity Problem … in Lab Mice

“Look around any lab, anywhere in the world, and you’re likely to see it crowded with males,” writes Nick Stockton. “A boy’s club, hopped up on the sweetest preclinical pharmaceuticals.” He’s referring to laboratory mice, and rats; the vast majority of murine research participants are male, and this is a big problem.

A rational nation ruled by science would be a terrible idea

For many actively working in science, Neil deGrasse Tyson’s vision of ‘Rationalia’, a country in which all policy decision-making would be based on evidence, seems a perfect system for solving the world’s problems. But sociologist Jeffrey Guhin does not agree.

Why I’m a Full-Grown Adult Who Still Loves ‘Pokemon’

Given the number of times I’ve had to explain my passion for Pokemon this week, I decided to defer to an expert. Keza MacDonald, video game writer and grown up Pokefan, explores why the twenty-year-old monster catching franchise is just as important to her now as it was back when she was a kid.

Further reading: Darwin Would Have Been a Pokemon Go Master

This team is showing movies to mice in hopes of unlocking the brain’s secrets

The Allen Institute for Brain Science is taking an unorthodox approach to a simple question. To find out how the brain works, they are showing mice movies. No, really. 

And one from us… 

Kate Rubins becomes “First professional virus hunter to fly in space”

The virologist has landed (or should that be docked?) and now we’re waiting with baited breath for the sequencer to arrive on board the International Space Station. MinION is due to make it’s journey into orbit aboard the Space X Dragon spacecraft later this week. 

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