Glowing arabidopsis / Glowing Plant

Glowing arabidopsis / Glowing Plant

Turns out that making a glow-in-the-dark plant is harder than we thought. Who knew? To console ourselves, we rustled up some cheering tales to take you into the weekend.

Why Kickstarter’s glowing plant left backers in the dark

It’s been three years, so where is my glow-in-the-dark plant? That is the question being asked by many of the people who pledged money to the runaway Kickstarter success of 2013, a campaign to produce a bioluminescant plant. $484,013 later, and there is still no glowing vegetation on the horizon. MIT Technology Review digs into why we’re still waiting to light up our gardens at night.

From app doctors to big data: five ways tech will shape healthcare

The Guardian take a look at five key areas of technology that might just change the way we approach healthcare forever. Take “App Doctors” for example. “It’s not a matter of replacing doctors but complementing them,” explains Matteo Berlucchi, chief executive of digital medical service Your.MD. “Or in other words, taking some of the easier and more mundane situations off the hands of real doctors and having AI sort them out. A lot of visits to the GP (as many as three in five) are for minor ailments, advice or things that you could sort out yourself with over the counter medicines. In these situations, what the GP gives you is basically ‘the right information’.”

Why knowing your genetic data can be a tricky proposition

As more healthcare providers begin offering the results of personal genome exploration, The Wall Street Journal looks into how patients and physicians are navigating this new data-rich landscape. In the process they chat to FLG favourite Robert Green, who as the leader of the Genomes2People research group has an unrivalled view of the patient landscape. “If you have a patient with undiagnosed disease that looks genetic and you can’t figure it out, genomic sequencing is a very appropriate diagnostic tool,” he explains. “What is still controversial is to what extent sequencing or other genomic technology can help you with predicting disease, because there aren’t many clear-cut examples where there is any evidence that genomic information makes any difference in your life.”

Hey let’s do the physics of a crazy person launching from a huge slingshot

He’s back! Rhett Allain, the man who brought us the physics of Captain America’s ricocheting shield, has been on the internet, and he found this:

“I’m not saying I would do this event, but it’s a great physics problem,” Rhett writes. Enjoy!

And one from us…

Odd science: creating fashion from DNA

Slovenian fashion graduate Tina Gorjanc, has developed the idea of creating a collection made from ‘human leather,’ a fabric made in a lab using the DNA of late Scottish fashion designer Alexander McQueen. Intrigued? Disturbed? Read on…

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