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We’re heading into the final three-day weekend of the summer here in the UK. Three days of barbecues, drinking and inevitable sunburn lie in wait, and I for one cannot wait. 

The Mr. Robot Game Is a Paranoid Nightmare, and I Can’t Look Away

I’m a bit late to the Mr. Robot party, the American drama thriller set in the world of a paranoid, introverted hacker. But now the hit show has its own mobile game, described by Jake Muncy of WIRED as “a paranoid nightmare vision of my own cell phone, and I can’t look away”. I’ve just installed the game, and without giving away too many spoilers I think this could be an entertaining weekend!

WATCH: With some help from salamanders, will humans one day be able to regrow limbs?

It’s that time again: everyone’s favourite science cheerleader, Carl Zimmer, is back with another episode of Science Happens! This time, he’s looking at regeneration, and how the salamander’s ability to regrow lost limbs could be harnessed for human medicine. 

Turning tech into a god is seriously bad news

“Artificial intelligence is already here,” says Christopher Katurna, political scientist of the Oxfod Martin School at the University of Oxford. “The real question is: where are we on the spectrum? How capable are the autonomous brains we’ve created?” — New Scientist

Pneumatic octopus is first soft, solo robot

What, more tiny robots? We’ve had robo ray, robo shrimp thing, and now it’s time for the rise of robo octopus. ‘Octobot’ is self-contained soft-bodied robot made from silicone gels powered by a chemical reaction that pushes gas through chambers in its legs.

And one from us…

At 140, Ike is the world’s oldest drug test subject

Ike is also a mouse. And ok, he’s not 140 actual years old, but 1,400 days. Which is about 140 in mouse years, and still makes him the longest-lived drug test subject. And all it took was a little dose of rapamycin…

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