Manipulating DNABiomed Central, the open access publishing power house, are running a pretty interesting blog series on the career places that science can take you to, beyond the confines of the academic lab. ‘Science>Careers‘ has so far looked at a huge range of possible job options, from communications (hollah!) and research funding to some more far out options. Science fashion anyone?

A recent post in this series that caught my attention was an interview with Xu Ting, founder of Jiangsu Rayme Biotechnology Co., Ltd, about how he took his scientific ideas and translated them into a thriving business idea. “Scientific research often pays more attention to technological advance than market and cost,” he explains, “whereas enterprise is market-orientated and profit-focused. A proper technology, therefore, should be adopted in line with the market and must consider the size and acceptability of the market rather than depending on technological advance.”

For anyone who has ever felt intimidated by the idea of translating their scientific ideas into a business, this is the article for you. 

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