Magazine Issue 2 goes out, and a trip out to Source BioScience.

This has been a very busy week here at FLG HQ. Hopefully you will have seen our newsletter yesterday, launching our new issue of the magazine (if you want to join the mailing list e-mail us at Putting the magazine together is quite a stressful endeavour at the best of times, but very enjoyable all the same. I get to talk to some amazing people along the way, and hear some fascinating stories. What makes it all the more rewarding, are the kind words I get in reply to the newsletter from you. So thank you to all those who reply back!

The big adventure for me this week, was an interesting trip out to Nottingham to visit Source BioScience HQ. If you’re wondering why that name sounds familiar, it will be for one of two reasons:

  1. You’re an existing customer of theirs
  2. Our web and newsletter banners have subliminally etched the name into your thoughts

For full disclosure, Source BioScience DO advertise with us (thank you!) but this is in no way shape or form a paid for post.

Wednesday morning – I made the drive from London to Nottingham for the Source BioScience presentation day. Not an ideal day for me to be out of the office as we were in the middle of magazine sign off, but given these guys took a chance on us very early on in our development it would have been incredibly rude not to accept the invitation.

Hearing all about the company

Hearing all about the company

I’m glad I went. The purpose of the day was for them to talk to their advertising partners- to give them a better understanding of who and what Source BioScience are, and what they’d like to do. And to introduce us to their marketing team. 

A couple of things stood out in particular. There was hardly any mention of money, market segments, increasing revenues etc. The company is very profitable and showing great growth, but they were keen to stress that their main priority is to make life easier for their customers. And it wasn’t just the obligatory ‘at <insert company name here>, customers come first’ powerpoint slide, that usually get included in this kind of presentation. They talked us through exactly how and why they build their service around that ethos, and how they’re looking at every aspect of the customer experience to improve on it. It’s a great way to do business, and I hope they have continued success. Like us, here at FLG, they’re keen to get feedback whenever they can to help improve things. So if you get a second, visit their eshop and let them know what you think could be presented better (and what you like!). 

The other thing that stood out for me, was their marketing approach. They want to make sure that they’re not just making noise, but raising awareness of what they do for those people who could benefit from their services. That was the real crux of the presentation day. Challenging us to help them communicate some of what we saw and heard, to those who need to hear it. (This post, really isn’t an effort to do that. I did have a very interesting conversation with their new scientific writer Naomi Dunning-Foreman, so do keep an eye out for some great content soon!)

On the lab tour

On the lab tour

That’s what I really liked about the day. They really showed that they believe in what they do, and they want to make sure they continue to do those things in the right way. That, and the great tour of their labs was a real highlight -it generated a great deal of nostalgia for working away in the lab listening to the radio all day!

So what’s the point of this post? Is it just me telling you how wonderful Source BioScience are? I suppose so… In a way they’re a good model for us here at FLG. We believe in what we’re trying to do, and want to make sure we do the right things by our readers. I know how much we value your feedback, so I’m really hoping you can help out and give Source Bioscience some feedback on what they’re trying to do. Normally this kind of post would go in a startups section, but as Source BioScience are an SME I wanted to at least highlight them through the blog. It’s easy to take suppliers for granted, but there is an awful lot of work that goes into turning around orders quickly!

If you ever get a chance to visit their team in Nottingham, they also put on a fantastic spread of food as well!