Elizabeth Holmes Theranos

Elizabeth Holmes, TEDMED2014. Photo, Jerod Harris, TEDMED

We’re living in a golden age for technology startups. Silicon Valley has become synonymous with overnight sensations that offer everything from innovative support systems for business, to services like Uber and AirBnB, and (I kid you not) a service that will clean up after your dog for you.

But, according to Triple Pundit, what you won’t often see on lists of innovative companies set to take the economy by storm are those focused on healthcare. Taking the examples of Theranos, 23andMe, and Zenefits as examples, they have a look at the business and regulatory environments that could be making life more difficult for healthcare innovators.

(In the case of Theranos, one could argue that having a product that actually works would definitely help!)

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Theranos, 23andMe and Zenefits: Why Medical Startups are Still Struggling

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