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However you feel about the new President-elect of the United States, there is a lot of relief doing the rounds this week: what has felt like a protracted and extremely negative campaign is finally over. And it’s nearly the weekend. So here is our little roundup from down the back of the internet sofa, and only one of our suggestions is about politics, promise!

How scientists reacted to the US election results

Nature have been hard at work compiling the reactions of the scientific community to Donald Trump’s victory in the election. Shock, disbelief, and fear of funding cuts tended to dominate the conversation. However, Trump is not without his supporters in the scientific community. 

Giggling rats reveal the most ticklish part of our brains

I’m just going to leave this right here. You are very welcome.

Congrats to all you gravity-bound earthlings, From NASA astronaut Kate Rubins

Kate Rubins, the first person to sequence DNA in space, has now returned to Earth, and shared some stories of her experience with WIRED. On her experience of zero g sequencing, she said: “After we got done with the tech dev part of it we really shot right out of the gate and ended up sequencing a little bit over 2 billion base pairs by the time I left. We did a number of experiments to look at how the nanopore technology works for sequencing, and in talking to the principal investigators, it actually works slightly better in space. It may be something due to the flow cells we don’t quite understand yet.”

How to enrol your dog in a cancer-drug trial

This week The Economist take a look at why pets might make better research subjects than humans, looking at the work of Philadelphia-based One Health Company, which enrolls domestic dogs suffering from cancer for pharmaceutical trials. 

And one from us..

There’s a good chance that you’re idea for a startup sucks

With a little help from Grumpy Cat, Jeffrey Reid of Regeneron Pharmaceuticals lead a funny, insightful, and practical discussion panel at Festival of Genomics California 2016. 

Grumpy cat startup sucks