Today is a happy Frida(y)! Before you start your weekend, it’s time for the final bundle of the week. I figure there has been a lot of election talk this week, so I’ll try to keep that off topic (even though the first story is kind of Trump-related).

Biotech stocks have bucked the trend and rallied post-election

This confidence boost comes as a response to news that the Republican Party will control both the White House and Capitol Hill, and the belief that Trump and the Republican Congress will be more lenient on the industry’s pricing practices than Hillary Clinton would have been. 

Maybe this is the time to start your own biotech business?

Or not… In one of the standout panel discussions from Festival of Genomics California – “Your Idea for a Startup Sucks” – Jeffrey Reid of Regeneron Pharmaceuticals takes the ‘grumpy cat’ view of genomics startups.

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From biotech business to some real monkey business

It may sound sci fi, but using a ‘brain-spine interface’ to restore movement to paralysed patients may not be far off. For the first time one of these ‘neural prosthetics’ has been used to restore walking movement directly to the legs of a paralysed monkey.

High five for safer immunotherapy!

Training the immune system to fight cancer is an exciting prospect, but can be highly risky. But now a new technique promises to boost the safety of cancer immunotherapy.

5 things for you to read instead of… Politics

Of course we’ve added our little roundup from down the back of the internet sofa, and only one of our suggestions is about politics, promise! 

Have a good weekend,