It’s the beginning of the week yet again, and this might be a busy week for our US friends who are gearing up to celebrate Thanksgiving! Don’t forget to take a couple of minutes to just sit back, relax and enjoy your Bundle. Here are today’s stories:

Racial bias in genomics

A recent study in Nature revealed that genomic data has a problem with racial diversity, biased in favour of European genetics over African. In this opinion piece our own FLG managing editor Carl Smith gives his thoughts on how we can overcome the challenge of representation.

Putting the brakes on ALS

Two molecules, newly-discovered in mice, could slow down the progression of ALS, by preserving that all-important communication between nerves and muscles.

From benign to cancerous. How does that happen?

Scientists are trying to map the minute changes that cause a healthy cell becomes cancerous, by deliberately manipulating tweaking the genetic machinery of E.coli bacteria.

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Genetic counselling in the era of Trump

The US President elect looks likely to have a big impact on a wide range of healthcare issues. Writing for The DNA Exchange, Laura Hercher explores a potentially pro-life, anti-abortion administration could impact the work of genetic counsellors.

Deploying big data against antibiotic resistance

Antibiotic resistance is a big problem (as covered in one of last week’s bundles). But now a team  from UC San Diego have brought Big Data to the battlefield, mining through massive, unused chemical structure databases in search of potential new drugs.

Happy Monday!