Happy Thanksgiving to our US friends. Anyone out there eating a CRISPR turkey? On this day of family and reflection, I’m thankful for having the cool job of putting together bundles for you guys! Here are today’s stories to help you through those after-dinner food comas:

Really, NgAgo – you think you can beat CRISPR?
A Chinese researcher announced that he had developed a new method of gene editing earlier this year, called NgAgo. He claimed that this method was even better than our current industry darling, CRISPR. But not everyone agrees that his method works…

Sometimes, all you need is one patient to kick-start a new drug treatment
A 32-year-old man, admitted to the Mayo Clinic with a rare form of cancer, ended up sparking an investigation into chromosome complexity and drug activity that ultimately identified a potential cause, and a treatment, for him and many other patients.

Schizophrenia linked to are genetic changes  
Identifying genetic changes associated with mental conditions is difficult, because if there are any, they are usually really rare. This new study analysed 41,000 genomes from both healthy people and people with schizophrenia and identified several genome regions where mutations can increase the risk of the disease significantly.

Some DIY CRISPR for the holidays
Reporter John Cohen decided to find out just how easy it is to edit genes with CRISPR, and it turns out it’s a little more complex than expected. One word: pipetting.

Food coma – why do we get sleepy after eating?
As I’m guessing a lot of you will be enjoying some festive meals today and throughout the weekend. Have you ever wondered why you get sleepy after finishing a nice meal? Scientists have started to unpick the science behind the ‘food coma’ phenomenon…

Happy holidays everyone!