Here the Bundle comes again, “whispering words of wisdom”, in honour of the late, great Beatle George Harrison who passed away 15 years ago today after a long struggle with cancer. Since 2001 we have seen the rise of genomics, of rapid sequencing, the beginnings of precision medicine, and diseases like cancer are squarely in the crosshairs where they belong. Medical science was definitely not going Let this one Be’!

Here are today’s stories:

No scientific background? No problem!

Listen to this fascinating story of a mother who set out to diagnose her children’s rare genetic conditions on her own, despite no scientific background.

21st Century Cures has been “hijacked” by pharma according to US senator

Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren refused to support the bill, which would speed development of new drugs and medical devices on the grounds that it had been “hijacked” by the pharmaceutical industry.

Investors are queuing up to sue Theranos

The line around the block to deliver lawsuits to Theranos just got a bit longer. Yet another investor has launched legal action against the embattled blood testing company, and this latest suit is seeking class action status.

Largest resource of human protein to protein interactions can benefit interpreting genomic data

Researchers have developed the largest database of protein to protein interaction networks, a resource that can illuminate how numerous disease associated genes contribute to disease development and progression.

The Short Read: Amalio Telenti

At last, but not least our new Tuesday feature! In today’s Short Read, Human Longevity’s Chief Data Scientist, Amalio Telenti, shares some of his frustrations on the “exome-centric” view of the world. Plus the meal he would serve to Charles Darwin…

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