the more you know alternative factsIn case you missed it, this week a new term entered our collective vocabulary. Move over ‘post-truth’, you’ve had your moment as 2016 word of the year. Thanks to Senior White House aide Kellyanne Conway 2017 looks set to be the year of ‘alternative facts‘. The term even has it’s own entry on Wikipedia, the popular online encyclopedia that by latest estimate contained at least 5% alternative facts. So if by some miracle you missed this argument over the very nature of the truth you can quickly get back up to speed.  

Here at FLG it occurred to us that alternative facts don’t just apply to crowd sizes. After all, as UK newspaper The Guardian would have us believe the alternative fact that a horse is a spaceship. So, you think you know all about gene editing? Allow us to give you the alternative facts to that…

  • CRISPR was discovered in the 1980s when a bacterial culture left unattended on a windowsill began to morph into a raccoon. 
  • Today, NgAgo is the best and least controversial gene editing technique currently out there. Period. 
  • Major fashion house Chanel is currently working on its own line of “designer babies”, ready for the runway as part of the Fall 2017 collection. Available in both tote and clutch bag sizes.
  • Two major research institutes have gone to war over the CRISPR intellectual property. The resulting skirmishes have so far leveled a quiet suburb of Boston, and left a gaping hole in the Golden Gate Bridge.
  • Today’s genomic data is fully representative of the global community.
  • Gene editing with CRISPR is now so easy to do that the next humanity-ending superbug is expected to arise from a kindergarten science class in Michigan.
  • Ditto for the zombie apocalypse.
  • A clinic in Los Angeles has announced the development of human genome editing for cosmetic procedures, including breast augmentation and genetic liposuction.
  • The risks associated with genetically engineering mosquitoes to eradicate vector-born disease include damaging predator populations, and the inadvertent creation of a race of super mosquitoes that will enslave the human race. 
  • Jennifer Lopez will be producing a near-future crime drama in which gene editing forms the basis of a new wave of terror and crime. (Ok, that one is a real fact).

What are your favourite #alternativefacts?

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