Stuff to Read, Week 10

9 March 2018

The promise of precision medicine is replacing the one-size-fits-all medicine of the past. Doctors hope this will make everyone healthier. But a new report says certain groups in the US are in jeopardy of being worse off when medicine is tailor-made. Who stands to lose?

2 March 2018

Stuff to Read, Week 9

This is 2018 guys; people are injecting stem cells into their penises hoping to make them bigger, and having their cheeks swabbed hoping to find the one.​​​​​​​ What’s going on? ​​​​

1 March 2018

$5 Million Tech Prize Seeks Answer to Origin of Life

A USD $5 million technology prize aims to crack the origin of the genetic code. The Evolution 2.0 Prize was announced at Arizona State University in August 2017. The largest “origin of life” prize to date, it seeks to bridge the gap between chemistry, genomics and modern computing.

23 February 2018

Stuff to Read, Week 8

Here are five stories you should read this week. We ponder on the idea as to whether we could live forever, read more below!

16 February 2018

Stuff to Read, Week 7

Here are five stories you should read this week. The conversation with George Church is highly recommended!

9 February 2018

Stuff to Read, Week 6

Would you pay to give your child a genetic advantage, to make them smarter than their peers, taller, or more beautiful? This is a question that will become relevant within a few decades, according to Big Think — if not sooner.

2 February 2018

Stuff to Read, Week 5

This week we talk CRISPR delivery, precision medicine anno 2030, gene editing equality and three-person babies arriving in the UK. 

26 January 2018

Stuff to Read, Week 4

The outcome of clinical trials might not be predicted as well as you think, cloning of monkeys could revolutionise human disease studies, why is everyone talking about blockchain, and should everyone have their whole genome sequenced at birth? 

19 January 2018

Stuff to Read

As the Y chromosome is disappearing, we prepare ourselves to say goodbye to men, while asking if we could, and should, engineer animals to be as smart as us. And should you sell your DNA on the Internet? 

17 January 2018

2017’s Big Moments

Let us hear your thoughts on the biggest stories we’ve covered this year. We’ll be publishing a review of the year, including your thoughts, to give you an idea of how the field as a whole felt about it all.

12 January 2018

Stuff You Should Read

Are bioethicist Joseph Fletcher’s fifteen “criteria or indicators” of humanhood becoming reality? And are there no biomedical breakthroughs left for us to discover in this century?

5 January 2018

Stuff You Should Read

Have we reached peak pharma, do we own our DNA, and will adding new bases to DNA improve on nature? Get ready for 2018.