Welcoming our AI Overlords to Genomics

26 April 2017

Is AI taking over the world? Some pretty smart people seem to think so. Richard explains why AI for genomics is in a position to help save human lives!

19 April 2017

Think Before You Speak: Designer Babies

Frances’ explains the term ‘designer baby’, and shares a personal story about why she’s never considered herself neither a designer baby nor a saviour child

7 February 2017

Free movement of science

Trying to stay politically neutral is getting tougher and tougher at FLG, but everyone now and again we need to get serious. This time, it’s immigration.

27 January 2017

Gene editing: the Alternative Facts

Move over post-truth, welcome to the era of ‘alternative facts’. We decided to take an alternate look at some of the facts surrounding gene editing

10 January 2017

The ultimate genomics dinner party

Which scientists, living, dead, or fictional, would you invite to a dinner party and why? The guest list for the ultimate genomics party looks pretty good!

14 December 2016

FLG Christmas Quiz 2016

We want to spread the goodwill, and see how well you’ve been keeping up with the world of genomics, in our first ever FLG Quiz of 2016!