My Bundle Will Go On

Today may be Cyber Monday for the rest of the world, but for us Bundlers, every day is about Genomics

Pour Some Bundle On Me

If you haven’t gone into weekend mood already, you definitely should now. Not only is it Friday, it’s black Friday!

Thank you for the Bundle

Happy Thanksgiving! On this day of family and reflection, I’m thankful for having the cool job of putting together bundles for you guys

Genomics blog land in November

Welcome to our first regular roundup of the genomics blog land. There are some seriously talented people out there, and luckily many of them have blogs!

Every Rose Has Its Bundle

Today is an exciting one as we have a new feature up and running on our webpage. We call it ‘The Short Read’ (pun very much intended)

Don’t Stop Bundlin’

It’s the beginning of the week yet again, and this might be a busy week for our US friends who are gearing up to celebrate Thanksgiving!

Hit Me Bundle One More Time

It’s Friday! Wow, what a week it’s been. We’ve had everything from a bioterror to CRISPR’s genetic scalpel being used on a human being for the first time

Total Eclipse of the Bundle

More than half of today’s bundle contains cancer-related stories – scientific successes, new projects afoot, and amazing advances in healthcare

Smells Like Bundle Spirit

Today was a tough morning for me, five and a half hour of sleep was what I got, and I’ve been told one should have a minimum of eight. Or was it ten!? Snore!