Learn the Basics

In 2016, we produced our very first Genomics 101. It was a handy guide taking you through many of the available options to generate genomic data, how to analyse it, and how to report in the clinic. It proved very popular, as thousands of you downloaded it and let us know via e-mail and social media how useful you found it. A year later, and we’re back. But not with an update. Something much better. We listened to the areas you wanted to get a better understanding of, and produced a 101 for each of them.

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Clinical Genomics 101 Gene Editing 101 Genomic Data 101

What am I downloading? 

CLINICAL GENOMICS 101: This follows the same structure as last year’s Genomics 101, but goes into much greater detail on the practical and legal complications you’ll need to navigate, including sampling, sequencing, analysis, interpretation and reporting.

GENE EDITING 101: The hottest property in Genomics right now. Our Gene Editing 101 gives you a history of technologies available, a deep dive into CRISPR/Cas9, use cases, and even tackled through the tough topics of around the ethics involved. In short, everything you need to know to get yourself right up to date, and ready to put that knowledge to good use!

GENOMIC DATA 101: What’s one of the biggest bottlenecks in Genomics right now? Data! There’s too much of it (or not enough, in some cases), not enough people that know how to make any sense of it, or nowhere to store it. So we’ve done our bit by putting together this nice guide on data, analysis, infrastructure and machine learning.