Bruce Korf Diana Bianchi Eric Green Boston play

From L-R: Bruce Korf, Diana Bianchi and Eric Green star in DNA Dialogues Dilemmas and Drama

Ahead of this year’s Festival in Boston, and another all-star production of DNA Dialogues, Dilemmas and Drama, we sat down with Lynn to find out more about her inspiration for telling the stories of clinical genomics through drama.

Lynn Bush’s plays were big highlights on the agenda of the first Festivals of Genomics in California and Boston, highlighting both the untapped acting skills of our plenary speakers and expertly bringing to life some of the most complex issues in clinical genetics. For those of you who missed the Festival performances, Lynn’s plays lead the audience through the complexities of clinical genomics. In California several of our speakers, including Carlos Bustamente, Hank Greenly and Jeanette McCarthy stepped away from their day to day work to take on the parts of genetic counsellors, patients and physicians in a story about the complexity and uncertainty of prenatal screening.

Lynn Bush Festival play

Seeking new ways to get physicians and academics thinking about the reality of genetic medicine was Lynn’s early route into playwriting. “I’d personally been using dramatic vignettes for thirty plus years,” she recalls, “first in the clinical setting of paediatrics and then ultimately paediatric clinical genetics. I used them as a teaching modality, as a pedagogical approach that was a little more engaging. I would write fictionalised scenarios of cases, and I’d have the residents and fellows in paediatrics and such specialities act out the parts.” Lynn’s plays make an exceptional teaching tool because they encourage the participants to think more broadly about their profession….

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