24 October 2016

Rong Chen: making sense of big data

Whats the secret to making use of big data in healthcare? According to bioinformatician Rong Chen, we need to ask very specific questions

22 September 2016

The inner workings of the brain

Neville Sanjana of the New York Genome Center takes us through some of the exciting research opportunities made available by gene editing

21 September 2016

The secret life of cells

We get into the world of the single cell with Roger Lasken, Director of Single Cell Genomics at the J. Craig Venter Institute

19 September 2016

Unlocking the power of the genome

If you thought all Illumina did was try to make sequencing genomes as fast and cheap as possible, you were wrong. Christian Henry explains…

9 September 2016

Supercharging sample preparation

Merja Mehto from Thermo Fisher Scientific takes us through the intricacies of sample preparation, the crucial first step in molecular science

1 July 2016

Who needs education? – Mark Wanner

Clear communication about the power of genomics has never been more vital. Mark Wanner of the Jackson Lab is at the forefront of the charge