Let’s get digital – Eric Topol

1 July 2016

Mobile technology, cheaper sequencing, and increasingly sophisticated informatics are opening up a new era of patient power. What’s holding us back?

30 June 2016

An exciting time with huge potential

Technophile, serial innovator, scientist and doctor, Nazneen Rahman has made a career out of taking new technologies and putting them to good use

26 May 2016

DNA Dialogues, Dilemmas and Drama

Ahead of this year’s Festival in Boston, and another all-star production of DNA Dialogues, Dilemmas and Drama, we sat down with Lynn Bush to find out more about her inspiration.

4 May 2016

Life Undiagnosed: Katia Moritz

We spoke to Katia Moritz, clinician, filmmaker, and patient advocate about her film Undiagnosed: Medical Refugees