Sequencing Buyers’ Guide

20 September 2018

The development of the first automated DNA sequencers completely revolutionized the field of DNA sequencing and, eventually, made it possible to publish the first draft sequences of the human genome. Since then, a whole host of companies have developed their own approaches to DNA sequencing, resulting in a market that is filled with different possibilities […]

23 July 2018

Molecular Diagnostics Report

Read our report on all things Molecular Diagnostics, including some great contributed articles. Need to know about liquid biopsies? Want to know what the current regulatory landscape looks like? Then you’ve come to the right place.

25 May 2018

Gene Editing 101: 2018 Edition

Free download: This guide will discuss the gene editing tools currently available and how they can be used to manipulate genomic sequences, as well as the real world applications that put these tools to use.

25 April 2018

Cancer Genomics 101: 2018 Edition

Free download: This guide is intended to help you understand how cancers can develop in the body and what forms they can take, as well as taking you through the medical processes of diagnosis and treatment.

10 April 2018

Genomic Data 101: 2018 Edition

Free download: This guide gives you a broader and deeper understanding than the previous edition, to help you understand what considerations you need to make when designing a computational genomics workflow or platform.

13 March 2018

Clinical Genomics 101: 2018 Edition

Free download: This guide is designed to introduce you to how genomics is being integrated into the clinic, what goes into using a patient’s DNA to reach a diagnosis, and how this information can be communicated to primary care physicians.

30 January 2017

Clinical Genomics 101: 2017 Edition

Download the Clinical Genomics 101, our handy (free) guide to the clinical workflow from sample collection through to data interpretation

30 January 2017

Gene Editing 101: 2017 Edition

Download the Gene Editing 101, our handy (free) guide to the world of gene editing, from controversial issues to enormous medical potential

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