In 2016, we produced our very first Genomics 101, a handy guide to the ins and outs of the genomics workflow from sequencing all the way through to clinical reporting. Thousands of you downloaded it (thank you!) and many got in touch to tell us how useful you found it. 

So for 2017 we decided to go even bigger, with three new 101 guides covering three major areas of genomics: Clinical Genomics, Genomic Data, and Gene Editing.

Genomic Data 101: 2017 Edition

Genomic Data 101In the last twenty years, the amount of genomic data available has skyrocketed. This exponential increase can be attributed to greater interest in the area or better storage systems, but easily the most influential change has been the rise of next generation sequencing.

This guide is designed to provide an overview of where all this data is coming from and what systems are currently in place to help you use the information available to the best of your ability, as well as taking a look at where the field might progress to next. We also highlight the differences in the algorithms and hardware available to you and to help explain when they might be suitable within your experiment.

With the help of our sponsors, we have tried to present an unbiased, clear look at the options currently available for data handling and how you might best achieve accurate, interpretable results.

Thanks to our amazing sponsors, we are able to offer our Genomics 101 series as free downloads. Simply fill out the form below to download the Genomic Data 101.

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