In 2016, we produced our very first Genomics 101, a handy guide to the ins and outs of the genomics workflow from sequencing all the way through to clinical reporting. Thousands of you downloaded it (thank you!) and many got in touch to tell us how useful you found it. 

So for 2017 we decided to go even bigger, with three new 101 guides covering three major areas of genomics: Clinical Genomics, Genomic Data, and Gene Editing.

Clinical Genomics 101: 2017 Edition

Clinical Genomics 101Last year we produced an educational guide called Genomics 101 to try to summarise how the field of genomics has evolved and how it is being adapted to a clinical setting by walking through a typical genomic workflow. Now, we’ve produced Clinical Genomics 101 to expand on the content that came before and to update anything that’s changed in the last twelve months (in such a fast moving field, there were lots of new advances to add in!), while maintaining focus on the clinical setting. Genomics has incredible potential in healthcare and although we’re not quite ready for precision medicine yet, there’s no denying that clinical genomics is creeping ever closer.

This guide will talk through the practical and legal complications you’ll need to navigate when collecting samples, how to obtain data and what to do with it to achieve results, and how these results can be presented to patients and clinicians so that we can see a real difference in patient treatment and care.

With the help of our sponsors, we’ve done our best to present you with a clear, unbiased explanation of genomic workflows.

Thanks to our amazing sponsors, we are able to offer our Genomics 101 series as free downloads. Simply fill out the form below to download the Clinical Genomics 101. 

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