In this Issue of Front Line Genomics:

  • Information For All
    We speak with the FDA’s first Chief Health Informatics Officer, about making data more available and encouraging cross sector collaborations..
  • Precision Oncology Has A New Home
    NPJ Precision Oncology, has gone live. We catch up with Zigang Dong, and Ann Bode, to talk precision medicine, oncology, and about the journal’s place at the center of it all.
  • Drugs And Data
    We go behind the scenes at AstraZeneca with Miika Ahdesmäki and his world of cancer drug resistance and computational approaches.
  • Innovation By Design
    Rajan Kapadia, gives us the breakdown of how Beckman Coulter Life Sciences are entering a new phase of product innovation, and why automation is for everyone.
  • Festival of Genomics San Diego
    Our second stop of the year on the Festival of Genomics tour takes us back to sunny San Diego for the second year running. Welcome to your genomics wonderland!
  • Unique: The Rare Chromosome Disorder Support Group
    ‘Unique’ are this issue’s fire starters, as they seek to provide information guides, support, and networking for families and professionals.
  • Omic Approaches To Investigate Driver Genes In Breast Cancer
    An introduction to breast cancer, and the various omic approaches to understanding it.
  • Cancer Treatment Just Got Smarter
    A look at how genomics is changing the face of clinical cancer care at some of the best hospitals around.
  • A Vision For Change
    It’s no secret that genetic studies are under-representative of minority groups. It’s time for that to change with the Minority Coalition for Precision Medicine.
  • The Way Science Is Currently Done Is Wrong
    A day in the life of a biohacker trying to make a difference in the world by giving people access to current technologies.
  • Guardians of The Galaxy vol. 2
    A fun movie or an interesting look at a future rife with genetic engineering?

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