In this Issue of Front Line Genomics:

  • We Are Really Stupid 
    Eric Lai, reflects on his time in drug development in the age of personalised medicine. Turns out we’re making some elementary mistakes.
  • The Right Tools For The Job
    Mike Hawes, CEO of Dolomite Bio, talks us through the growing single cell sequencing market.
  • Driving The Single Cell Forward
    We gathered together an expert panel to talk all things single cell sequencing – what is it, what’s exciting, and what is it allowing us to do?
  • Telegenetics: Delivering Care To The Patient 
    We go back to our friends at Greenwood Genetic Center to find out how they are taking advantage of modern connectivity to help provide better care to their patients.
  • Race The Helix
    Speaking of providing for patients in need, this year everyone has the opportunity to raise the helix and contribute to the genomic nirvana.
  • Festival of Genomics Boston
    Our final stop of the year on the Festival of Genomics tour takes us back to one of the biggest hubs there is – Boston.
  • Changing The Face of Parenting With Genomics
    With her book, ‘The Gene Machine: How Genetic Technologies Are Changing The Way We Have Kids- And The Kids We Have’, Bonnie Rochman is helping parents and prospective parents navigate their options.
  • Non-Coding RNA And Cancer
    FLG favourite, David Smith, takes us on a guided tour of junk DNA and the role it plays in cancer.
  • Ahead In The Cloud 
    Genomics is a data driven field, and it’s cloud computing that’s making processing and sharing data possible. We find out what that meant for Human Longevity, and Amazon Web Services.
  • A New Standard: Analytical Verification Of A Liquid Biopsy – NGS Workflow 
    Kelli Bramlett introduces us to the many benefits of liquid biopsies over the current standard of tumour interrogation.
  • Building A Genomics Festival 
    As it’s our last Festival of 2017, we thought we’d take you behind the scenes with our Group Event Director, Helen Curl, for a taste of what goes into putting on a show!
  • Spider-Man: Homecoming 
    Has Hollywood finally made the Spider-Man movie that fans having been crying out for? Classic Spidey-Fan, David Smith, and lover of comic books, Carl Smith, discuss.

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