In this Issue:Front Line Genomics Magazine Issue 4

  • Kick Starting The UK Genomics Industry 100,000 Genomes At A Time
    Genomics England’s Director of Public Health, Tom Fowler, talks us through the 100,000 Genomes Project.
  • Pivotal Cytogenetic Landmarks: Past, Present and Future!
    Alka Chaubey, Director of the cytogenetic lab at Greenwood Genetic Center, gives us a history lesson. 
  • From Sequencing The First Human Genome, To Sequencing All The Human Genomes
    J. Craig Venter addresses some of the myths in genomics and answers a selection of guest questions.
  • Festival Report
    Relive the spectacular plenary presentations, and find out who you voted as the best speakers from the Festival of Genomics Boston.
  • Captivating Imagination, Inspiring Discussion, and Empowering Patients
    Marnie Gelbart introduces us to pgEd and the great work they’re doing in taking genomics out to the masses.
  • Seeing Is Believing – Contrasting Retinis Pigmentosa and Age-Related Macular Degeneration
    Dan Koboldt considers his work on understanding the genetics behind loss of vision.
  • My Kinky MOOCs
    Catherine Coste shares the frustrations and motivations that led her to learning everything she can about genomics.

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