front line genomics magazine AMP In this Issue of Front Line Genomics Magazine:

  • Science Round Up 
    Oxford Nanopore’s long-read, real-time, MinION sequencer is being used by researchers across China.  
  • Genomics Round Up 
  • Almost 80% of schizophrenia risk is down to genetics, and what makes a tumour-suppressor protein tick? 
  • Business Round Up
    The FDA has approved a second cancer-killing gene therapy, and a new partnership hopes to grant researchers access to better data and support collaborations.
  • AMP 2017 
    Discover all there is to know about this year’s event. 
  • Saving Lives in Real-Time
    How does genomics revolutionise infectious disease? We have brought together a panel of experts to discuss the possibilities.  
  • Stepping into Molecular Diagnostics 
    Marketing Manager, Chinmay Sheth tells us about Bio-Rad Laboratories new product kit.
  • Pharmacogenomics: Getting Personal
    It’s time to start getting informed and engaged about your own genetic profile.
  • What’s Next for Cytogenetics? 
    Hutton Kearney explores some of the challenges facing cytogeneticists. 
  • Tackling Disease Surveillance 
    The study of viruses has never been more vital, find out why. 
  • Opportunities for Advancements on the Promise of Genomic Medicine
    Nazneen Aziz, from Kaiser Permanente tells us why healthcare organisations are vital in helping new discoveries get integrated into the clinic. 
  • Hunting Structural Variants: Population by Population 
    Luke Hickey tells us how population and ethnic-group specific efforts are working to catalogue variants, in underrepresented genomic databases.
  • Understanding the Genetic Contributors of Disease
    We take a look at how the Utah Genome Project is discovering new disease-causing genes to transform healthcare.
  • Juggling Responsibility
    Find out how AMP President, Federico Monzon manages to juggle his work commitments with family duties.
  • Blade Runner 2049
    Carl Smith and David Smith return, this time debating whether the anticipated sequel lived up to all of its expectations.

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