In this Issue of Front Line Genomics Magazine:

    Hear how Tony Perry thinks genome editing has advanced.front line genomics magazine FoG
  • Genomics in the Clinic
    George Burghel talks us through the opportunities of circulating tumour DNA (ctDNA).
  • Enabling Data
    Miika Ahdesmaki discusses the recent surge of NGS supported clinical data in oncology. 
  • Genomic Technologies
    What are the benefits of the Human Cell Atlas? Mike Stubbington gives his opinion.
  • FoG London 2018
    We take a look a what this year’s Festival has to offer. 
  • Flying the Flag for UK Genomics
    Megan takes a look at the impact of the government-led, 100,000 Genomes Project.  
  • Ireland Makes its Mark
    Seán Ennis discusses the advantages Ireland can bring to genomic research. 
  • Solving Genomic Mysteries 
    We gathered together an expert panel to talk all things data – what it is, what’s exciting, and what is it allowing us to do? 
  • How Open Data is Changing Our Pursuit of Discovery 
    Oana Stroe explains how data is helping us satisfy our scientific curiosity. 
  • Creating a Global Network 
    Find out how non-profit organisation Unique, are supporting families living with a rare chromosome or gene disorder. 
  • Bridging the Gaps to Personalised Medicine 
    Step into the World of Eran Elhaik, Lecturer at the University of Sheffield. 
  • Star Wars: The Last Jedi
    After all the anticipation, and build up how did the new Star Wars movie compare to expectations?

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