In this issue of Front Line Genomics Magazine…

  • News
    Our news pages have been given a revamp, so that we can bring you more of our most popular stories in an easy to read, bite size format.
  • Why We Should Be Talking About…
    The first of a brand new feature series, where we hear directly from different industry experts, about some of the interesting projects out there, that we should be paying attention to right now. 
  • ACMG 2018
    Discover all there is to know about the upcoming annual meeting in Charlotte, North Carolina, as we speak to some of the key individuals involved. 
  • Engaging the Patient
    Dian Donnai explains why it is so crucial for the patient to be involved in their own treatment plan. 
  • “I Don’t Think Patients Should Have to Fight For Access to These Technologies”
    We speak to Daniel MacArthur about the importance of accurate rare disease diagnosis. 
  • Putting Patients Front and Centre
    We have brought together a panel of experts to discuss the role patients can play in their own individual research, in clinical trials.  
  • The Need for Speed
    We learn how a project led by UCL Great Ormond Street Institute of Health is helping to deliver fast diagnosis to ill children in the UK. 


  • Blockchain: What’s All the Hype About? 
    We sit down with Dawn Barry, President of Luna DNA to settle the blockchain confusion once and for all.  
  • Improving Patient-Centered Research 
    Paldeep Atwal explains how his newly launched ‘Atwal Clinic’ is offering patients a transparent and open fee service. 
  • Metabolomic Profiling As a Diagnostic Tool: Are We There Yet?
    Significant advances have been made in metabolomic profiling, but how close are we to using it in a clinical setting. 
  • Celebrating Diversity  
    We learn how the members of non-profit Little People of America (LPA) are using the benefits of genomics to reduce their pain levels. 
  • Maintaining Patient Care
    We hear from the President of ACMG herself, to get a glimpse into what a typical day looks like for her. 
  • The Shape of Water
    Carl and David Smith are divided in opinion, over this multi Oscar-nominated blockbuster. 


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