• Get past the hype and bias in sequencing vendor marketing materials, and get an unbiased, highly informed view from a highly qualified professional whose job it is to evaluate sequencing technologies for a world leading healthcare and research institution – the Mayo Clinic.
  • Get a base- to high-level understanding of the sequencing process, to give you a better framework for understanding genomics, sequencing mechanics and the technology/strengths/weaknesses of the different available platforms.
  • Make smarter, more cost effective and scalable, longer-term decision around your sequencing infrastructure. Understand the alternatives to the platforms used by most people.
  • Understand how to reduce the cost of your existing sequencing workflow using the platforms/providers that you’ve already committed to. This is increasingly important as an exponential scale-up in the volume of genomes sequenced continues.
  • Get a glimpse of the future and the developments set to impact the next generation of sequencing platforms, allowing you to better anticipate the future.

Given how dynamic and rapidly changing the field is, we felt one year was the perfect time to re-evaluate the sequencing landscape and identify new technologies. Therefore, this second edition covers:

  • The underlying technologies driving Massively Parallel Sequencing or NGS.
  • An outline and update on NGS platforms and their adoption across the world, as well as competition
  • Upstream and downstream technologies, products and services
  • Alternatives to sequencing in-house, outlining benefits and flexibility
  • A “state-of-the-art” review of where NGS is most likely at the end of the year
  • Future trends around sequencing in general, including future-generation technologies

The Author:
David Smith is Chairman of the Technology Assessment Committee at the Mayo Clinic, the goal of which is to evaluate new technologies that could have a significant impact on research and clinic.

No punches have been pulled in pulling together the guide, so you can rest assured that it’s not full of marketing hyperbole around why every machine is perfect. So much so, that David is looking forward to being one of the most hated men by technology providers at the Festival of Genomics in January.

We hope you enjoy the guide, and find it useful.