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In this Issue of Front Line Genomics:

  • Clinical Genetics – Then and Now
    As head of ACMG, Michael Watson has just about seen it all. Ahead of this year’s big meeting in Tampa, we caught up with Dr Watson as he reflects on how things have changed in that time, and the challenges yet to come.
  • Genomics in Drug Development: A 2005 Prediction Comes True
    Upon completion of the Human Genome Project we were promised a revolution in the way our drugs were developed. Over a decade on, how has the genomic era changed drug development. 
  • The Zeal of the Recently Initiated
    After retraining as a medical geneticist, Robert Green has never looked back. Today he is one of the leading lights in the journey towards genomic medicine.
  • A Coming Together of Like Minds
    Arguably there has never been a more exciting time for medical genomics than now. And right at the heart of many crucial developments is ACMG. Their Annual Meeting will bring together the field’s great and good to explore the crucial issues that physicians, clinicians and patients are facing right now.
  • Imagining a Cost Efficient Healthcare System
    With the 100,000 Genomes Project in full swing In the UK, we are all aware of the ambition and transformative power of genomics in healthcare. With the focus on whole genome sequencing, are we missing an opportunity with simple point of care diagnostic tests?
  • Life Undiagnosed
    We spoke to Katia Moritz, clinician, filmmaker and patient advocate about her film Undiagnosed: Medical Refugees, to learn more about what it means to live with an undiagnosed medical condition.
  • “We’re Going to Go Over There…Now”
    The ability to correctly diagnose Ebola was critical in controlling the West African Ebola epidemic. As the World Health Organisation declares the epidemic finally over, we find out what it was like setting up diagnostics on the ground with Kristian Andersen.
  • Whole Exome Sequencing (WES): The Yin and the Yang
    Today’s sequencing technology is helping us find important answers for families. But are we fully aware of what it can’t do?
  • Can Genomics Predict Transplant Outcomes?
    Genomics isn’t all about cancer and rare diseases. Collaborative multi-omic approaches are also being used to predict transplantation rejection. Is the newest assay ready to be used in the clinic?
  • A New Hope?
    Usually we find a movie with a tenuous link to the world of genomics to review. This time, there one cinematic event so important to all of us that we just couldn’t ignore it.

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